Vaca, Being Sick and Losing My Mind

I am back.

I am here.


Wow, I went on vacation June 24, completely lost myself and my mind when it came to eating and working out. I stopped eating Vegan on vacation simple because I was too lazy to look up Vegan restaurants and didn’t want the drama from my friends I vacationed with. I put MY OWN MORALS to the side to not deal with it. All the research I have done and the huge decision to go Vegan went out the window because I didn’t want to stand up for … BEING VEGAN! When I came back from vacation I was so ready to get back to eating healthy and working out. But, I never got there. I. Never. Got. There.

Instead, I got sick. I had a horrible sore throat for almost 2 weeks! All this while still eating non-Vegan food. I made excuses and thought about why I should NOT be Vegan anymore (I was seriously thinking I could still be healthy and eat meat), fed my face nothing but horrible animal food, nasty (But so good) junk food, sweets and basically everything I could eat.

Now, it is Aug 1st. Over a MONTH later. I got on the scale for the first time in a long time and boy did I shed a tear. I am now at my biggest weight EVER!

I will always be the first to admit I am wrong and I definitely have been. I went Vegan for a purpose and that’s to live the most healthy life I can, but instead I have gained 10lbs and I can FEEL my body getting weaker. I am now exhausted all the time, my feet hurt from the weight, I can’t walk up one flight of stairs without gasping for LIFE and I am having a hard time starting to train for my 5k. I can’t RUN! And when I do my ankles hurt for days!

It has broken my heart what I have been doing to my body. I have set my self so far back and for what? Excuse my french, but I feel like SHIT!

It’s a new month. A new day. And I am back on it. I meal prepped my food for the week, I started my Apple Cider Vinegar Detox, I am starting 21 Day Fix Extreme workout program and I started WALKING. I do not know when I will be able to run, but, right now … baby steps. I have to detox my whole body and maybe even lose 20-30lbs (Maybe more) before I can think about that.

I know everyone has set backs but this was a HUGE one and I can’t blame anyone but myself but I am glad I am getting myself together. I am sure there is someone out there who has decided they don’t want to. They rather live unhealthy with poor eating habits and continuing to eat meat. Not me. Not anymore.


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Hi, I'm Kristen! Please join me as I fight obesity and begin my journey of being Vegan!

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