Shakeology vs Vega One

I have used Shakeology for a long time on and off. Shakeology is pretty awesome if you use it consistently with eating healthy and working out. I used it as a meal replacement, post workout drink and for snacks. It honestly have been so much energy! I honestly could feel a difference when I fell off from drinking it and I felt that it even helped me lose weight, also.

Even though I had positive results from drinking Shaleology, the main reason I am not drinking it anymore was not because I became Vegan (Shakeology has Vegan flavors) but because of that CRAZY PRICE! Even with my Beachbody Coach discount I was still paying $97/bag that lasted 30 days!

I just could’t t do it anymore. At the time, I wanted to change up my workouts, so I decided to get a gym and and Bootcamp membership. The fitness funds were starting to add up and I needed a bill to drop out. LOL With the gym and Bootcamp memberships, BB was no longer needed anyway so I canceled everything Beachbody.

I am now drinking Vega and I am really liking it! I purchased the Berry flavor from Amazon (I have seen Whole Foods and Kroger with Vega in the stores as well) for over HALF the price of Shakeology of $42! It taste great, it has a little more protein and I still use it as I did Shakeology but I am saving so much more money! Not only is Vega VEGAN, they have soooo many more flavors than Shakeology and I can’t wait to try them all!

Vega for the win and I am not turning back!

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Hi, I'm Kristen! Please join me as I fight obesity and begin my journey of being Vegan!

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