Motivation Monday

Being Vegan has been so much fun when it comes to trying new foods but staying motivated to eat healthy (Once I learned about Vegan JUNK FOOD) and continue to work out in the process has been INSANE! There are so much AMAZING Vegan foods out here and I want to try EVERYTHING!

There is definitely nothing wrong with wanting to indulge a little but, I have to remind myself that I went Vegan for a purpose and eating junk food got me in this unhealthy state I am in today, hence the reason I became Vegan in the first place!

I have noticed that my motivation is declining and before I get back into that mode where I don’t even think about exercising anymore, I am making some changes and I hope this motivates others as well:


  • Writing Down What I Eat/Using Portion Control: Since I have been Vegan, I never counted calories or used portion control. Honestly, I didn’t think it was necessary because I was eating healthy. But, as I really started examining my food, I have begun to realize that calories adds up … even with healthy food. Nuts, avocado, oil, hummus … they all are HEALTHY but high in FAT. I have to starting being mindful of this and will starting using MyFitnessPal app again. If you are not familiar, it is not only a calorie counting site, but a community of people you can communicate with, swap recipes and it even has a personal blog you can create. There are thousands of people (Including myself years ago) who have had amazing success with MFP!


  • Changing Up Workout Routine: In a previous post, I mentioned that I have dropped Beachbody and got a gym membership at LA Fitness to change it up. I am having a great time doing the classes at the gym and being on the machines but I am still not seeing much success (And I really don’t know what else to do in the gym but the classes and cardio machines). I am  even doing some strength training workouts at home with some DVD’s. Unfortunately, I am still needing help with my CONSISTENCY! So I got to the point where I had enough and I found a Personal Trainer for a great price! I need someone to push me, teach me how much Cardio vs Strength Training should I be doing every week. I need GUIDANCE!!! I am happy with myself that I know that I need to make changes and push myself more and I hope this is the (last) push I need! I start my training TODAY!


  • Meeting With Vegan Nutritionist: One of the best things that I have done since going Vegan is joining Vegan Facebook Groups! This is now the only reason I go to FB now LOL The groups are not only filled with other amazing and enthusiastic VEGANS but there is so much information when it comes to food, recipes, where to go to eat (If you are following a group that’s in the city in which you live ex Detroit Vegans) and even meeting up with Vegans in your city for lunch or dinner! In the group I am in, one of the ladies just graduated from Michigan State University in Nutrition and offered consultations to everyone! Anyone that wants to make sure they are eating right, what foods to eat, whatever they need, really. After making sure this person is actually a nutritionist (Confirmed this with another member in the group. People are crazy! Definitely meet up in an open, crowded area), I made an appointment and will be meeting with her this week. I am very excited to learn about what I am doing WRONG from a professional in the field and learning what I can do RIGHT!

I really hope this gets everyone motivated to get healthy because just writing this post has me fired up for this upcoming week in my Vegan and Fitness life!

What motivates you to eat healthy and keep fit?


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Hi, I'm Kristen! Please join me as I fight obesity and begin my journey of being Vegan!

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