How To Crush Your Monday’s

Start Sunday

“A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.” I saw this quote on a Pinterest graphic and fell in love, because its so true! I’m not saying you can’t relax and nap and lounge. You should! But start taking a little bit of time each Sunday to ensure that Monday runs a little more smoothly. On an ideal Sunday, I’d hit all of these. Start with a few that you know will work for you and your schedule, then build them into a weekly routine. (Ranked in order of my perceived importance.)

  • Plan Monday and, ideally, your whole upcoming week. Make sure you know what’s required of you, what things you have coming up, what workouts you be doing etc. Make & prioritize a weekly to-do list.
  • MEAL PREP! I always meal prep on Sunday’s to get my week started RIGHT! I honestly HATE meal prepping, but I can’t lie and say it doesn’t save my life each and every week knowing that I am having HEALTHY meals everyday!
  • Pack up. Now that I have been going to the gym I MUST get my gym bag ready the night before or I will forget something or start running around my house like a chicken with its head cut off looking for stuff!
  • Early to Bed. Even if it’s just 20 minutes earlier than normal, I like to try to get in bed early on Sunday nights. It’s hard if you’ve been staying up all weekend, so sometimes I’ll take a sleep aid.
  • Visualize a great upcoming week.

Wake Up Earlier

I’m not saying hours. I’m saying minutes. It’s a buffer. How many Mondays started off crappy because you were running late? Thought so. Or maybe it’s not even about being late – for me it was about the extra time before Reese woke up. An hour feels like three when it’s a toddler-less hour.

Take a Minute

Part of me wants to grumble or just motor off to some task, but the best way to start your Monday right is slowly. Prayer, meditation, scripture study, a warm mug of your favorite beverage, reading a chapter of your book – do something slow and deliberate. Your day will be completely different.

Early Wins

Pick a task that you can accomplish quickly and tackle it first thing. A big win early in the day really does help you continue the day with fire. If you usually do your workouts at night (Like I used to) try to see how an early workout will be for you and your day!

Utilize Planners/Timers

I touched on this a little earlier in this post, but buying a planner but setting timers for my workouts for the mornings have been such a lifesaver! I have a very busy work schedule where I am working different times every single day. Therefore, I go to the gym for classes during different times so writing down my schedule to compare with my gym classes has been fantastic for me. It also motivates me to workout knowing that I have everything planned out ready to go (Weird right? But it does) Trying to complete a task within a set time makes me faster and more efficient because I’m competitive as hell. I love checking things off my To-Do List.

Treat Yo Self

I don’t need to explain this one, do I?

I prefer to stack and crush my Mondays, even if it makes for a crazy and exhausting day. It makes the rest of the week easier and even if I do nothing else I feel pretty accomplished. Mondays are the best. They got nothing on you.

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Hi, I'm Kristen! Please join me as I fight obesity and begin my journey of being Vegan!

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