Bootcamp to Low Impact

I have been going to Fit Body Bootcamp for about a month now.

Its an incredible 30min intense bootcamp class that consists of 4-5 stations of different workouts that we do for 3 rounds with a 10 sec rest. The workouts consists of everything you can think of plus more! The instructor is very knowledgeable and looks amazing too! I really love it and its actually really fun too!

By doing Beachbody Turbo Fire and T25 (Which are high intensity at home workouts) I thought I could handle this Bootcamp. Which I am, but I am having some problems:

  1. My knees are bad and are always sore for days after 1 class
  2. The workouts are pretty intense where I have to do the low modifications … and sometimes I can’t even do that because of being too tired.
  3. Because the class is only 30min, the workouts go by extremely quick. It can be hard to catch up at times ie Jumping up, getting down to a pushup/burpee then back up again. I only have time to do 1.

I can deal with the low modifications and not being able to do too much because of being tired, but one thing I can’t deal with is the knee pain. I had knee pain before I started Bootcamp but the pain was actually getting better, where I really didn’t feel any pain anymore. I even lost 20lbs doing  another Beachbody program called 21 Day Fix Extreme so I know I am capable of working out and losing weight.

My left knee became sore after 6-7yrs ago I was working out and was doing the low modifications push-ups which are also known as the “girl push-ups” and something must have went the other way in my knee because it has been sore ever since and never heeled. My right knee became sore from my bowling and never really got back right. And I most defintly understand my knee problems have A LOT to do with my weight, also.

I wanted to try something different. I wanted to take a risk and go outside of Beachbody to see what else I can do, but looks like Bootcamp is not it. And soaking my poor knees in Epsom Salt is not fun!

Looks like I am, yet again, changing up my workout routine! More low impact workouts that are better for my knees and a workout I CAN get through and finish. I will still be doing Zumba at the gym (Which I ABSOBLUTLY LOVE) and thinking about adding on Water Aerobics which is fantastic for the joints!

I am also having doubts that I can even run my 5k in October with my bad knees. I will pray that once I start doing low impact, I will lose more weight which in turn will take the pressure off my knees.

Will definitely keep my blog readers posted! 🙂

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Hi, I'm Kristen! Please join me as I fight obesity and begin my journey of being Vegan!

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