Vegan Culinary Tour

Today, the little sis and I went on an AMAZING Vegan restaurant tour!

I have been “seriously” Vegan for less than a month so I still don’t know many restaurants to go to. I have already learned how its very hard to eat a the “traditional” ones. So, I was very excited to go out and venture into some amazing vegan food and meet some other awesome VEGANS!

The Quintesssential Event Company sets up many Vegan/Vegetarian events in the Detroit and surroundings areas such a Greater Detroit VegBash as well as this one.

I really wish I took more pictures of all the AMAZING good we had but, if you live in the Detroit area and looking for Vegan restaurants to try out here you go … these are the places we went to:

Nosh Pit Food Truck

GreenSpace Cafe

Om Cafe

Krishna Restaurant

Detroit Vegan Soul

I am trying very hard to get better at this BLOGGING thing and I know AMAZING PICTURES for people to see is a PLUS, so bare with me!

But I had a really great time. These are some great places with great food that I WILL be going back to!

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Hi, I'm Kristen! Please join me as I fight obesity and begin my journey of being Vegan!

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