Meat Lover Turned VEGAN

Never did I ever think …

… in a million years …

That I would …


V E G A N!!!

But I am here to say I am. A HUGE meat lover. Lover of EVERYTHING meat. Even bigger lover of CHEESE! I can honestly say that I never thought I could live without meat. I remember working with a coworker back around 2004-2005, who was a Vegetarian and beginning stages of Vegan (And this was before Vegan really became popular) and I thought how WEIRD she was. How CRAZY she was! I just kept thinking to myself WHHHHHHHY!!! I remember she was pregnant with her first baby and she was thinking of her child being Vegan also. I just thought “Poor kid”.

Fast forward to a little over a year ago when my little sister told us she was Vegan. And I thought, “Oh she is DEF doing this to lose weight. This too shall pass.” LOL

SN: She tried to be Vegetarian maybe a year or so before and terribly failed so I thought this was another sick joke.

But I never questioned her, I never asked why, I just did not care. Her life. Her nasty food. Her stomach. Right?

Fast forward again to Jan 2017.

By this time, I am getting more into losing weight and eating right. I am starting to only want to put the best food into my body. I start to like a lot of food pages on FB (For healthy recipes), where in return I start to get “What’s Really In Our Food” type articles that my FB friends “liked” and I see in my timeline.

Out of curiosity, I open and read. I start to read some very interesting and alarming stuff about chemicals, bugs, metal, feces and MORE that are REALLY in our food. How the food we are eating, IS NOT REALLY FOOD ie. fast food!

I start to dive even deeper and decide to watch documentaries about our animal and food industry in one night. I started with the worst of all: Earthlings.

One word to sum it up … Hmmm HORRIFYING.

It is pretty sad to say the least what animals have to face just for us to EAT! And not only what they have to go through, but it makes you think what kind of people would do these things to the animals. Kick, dangle them, throw chickens across the room and actually JUMP ON THEM! Grown men, jumping and crashing down on chickens … so we can eat.

As unsettling as this documentary was, I needed to see more. I needed to learn more.

Forks Over Knives.

This documentary changed it all for me.

Everyone in America should watch this and encourage their family members to do the same.

Everyone who cares at all about taking responsibility for their health should watch this film.

The two researchers in the documentary, one a heralded clinician, the other an internationally acclaimed nutritional expert, have long reviewed the history of how the American diet which is heavily animal food based has caused skyrocketing rates of various disease including heart, breast cancer, etc. Their facts PROVE that not only does switching to a plant based diet lower the risk of disease, but actually REVERSE such diseases as heart, prostate, liver, etc.

After seeing this, it all came clear to me. Back in the 90’s we never heard about so many people dying of cancer, so many people being sick, having a lactose intolerance, being Gluten-Free (Seriously? We all LOVED us some Wonder white bread! Ok??) etc.

It is because we are now being poisoned. They are chemically altering our food to make food bigger and last longer! Have you noticed chickens are getting bigger and bigger? They are putting red dye on red meat to make it LOOK fresh. Fast Food is no longer REAL food!

Look it up people. Lets start to educate ourselves and our kids.

I think my future mother-in-law said it best, “Eat to live, don’t live to eat.”

This is my reasoning to stop eating meat. After you’ve done a little research (Because I don’t go back and forth with ignorance. Just being real), let me know what is your reason to continuing eating it?

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Hi, I'm Kristen! Please join me as I fight obesity and begin my journey of being Vegan!

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