Canceled Beachbody, Joined a Bootcamp

I would say 5-6 years ago, I purchased my first Beachbody program.

If you have never heard of Beachbody, it is a company that is famous for their INTENSE hardcore at home programs, such as, INSANITY and PX90!

My first program was TurboFire, which I absolutely loved but never finished it … EVER! I always fell off for whatever reason it was. And then I kept getting back on. I eventually became a coach for the discounts because I loved the products so much…even though I really wasn’t getting any results. I just knew eventually I would get my act together.

Beachbody products and programs are amazing if you are consistent and keep at it. But that’s with anything, right? Unfortunately, it took me a very long time to realize I had a problem with consistency and doing things by myself. I always wanted to be my own motivator, never needed a workout partner. Gym? Nope, I’m straight.

But what ended up happening was that I was trying so hard to make these workouts work for me. I purchased a Heart Rate Monitor to make sure I was working hard enough to burn calories. But, I wasn’t. At the end of every workout I wasn’t even burning 150 calories for a 30min workout. Yes, I lose 20lbs at one point, but I gained it back and haven’t lost it since. Why? Because it just wasn’t working for me anymore. My drive for at home workouts just wasn’t there anymore.

So I canceled everything Beachbody and signed up for LA Fitness which I go to Zumba and Kickboxing classes (Will be doing more) where I’m burning over 800 calories per class!!!

I also signed up for Fit Body Bootcamp! I’m so in love with this bootcamp! 30min hardcore bootcamp where I’m burning almost 300 calories every single class! Before I was barely getting over 100! Not only that but I’m working out with other women just like me. We all have the same goal, mindset and focus. We all encourage each other and we all succeed together. It’s a very fun environment whereas being at home and stopping every other min without someone pushing you to go harder. I need that person pushing me and that person is the fitness instructor of the Bootcamp and everyone else taking the class.

It really goes to show you that you not everything works for everyone. There are thousands of people who had amazing success with Beachbody! I would most definitely recommend for any beginner who doesn’t want to do the whole gym scene, but for me it was definitely time to move on.

I have high hopes for Bootcamp and the classes I’m taking at the gym and I’ll keep you all informed!

Happy Healthy and Fit Journey!

Until next time ….

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Hi, I'm Kristen! Please join me as I fight obesity and begin my journey of being Vegan!

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